This page is predominantly aimed at leaders of UK military trips to high altitude.

Except where indicated the advice is that of Dr Adrian Mellor and not that of the UK military and you are reminded that high altitude mountaineering is a high risk activity and this information in no way replaces skill and experience!

Information on altitude illness, prevention and treatment   (high altitude illness, JRAMC, Mar 2011)  davis

Military guidance on the use of acetazolamide and AMS prevention 2012_Altitude_and_Acclimatisation_JSP950

General guidance for leaders of AT at high altitude Guidelines for Conduct of AT Expeds at HA

Military guidance on insurance for AT activities Insurance in AT 2009DIN01-050

Brief on mountain health issues generally aimed at non medics 20130501_Mountain Health Awareness

Wilderness Medical Society Consensus Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Acute Altitude Illness – more detailed evidence based guidelines for doctors-Medicine-Guidelines-for-Treatment-of-Acute-Altitude-Illness-2010