Back to La Paz – 22 June

The last few days have been very busy with teams climbing unnamed and unclimbed mountains to the head of base camp valley and exploring local peaks.   Andy Brown with Liz Robinson and Harvey Pynn pushed a route to within a few hundred metres of the top of a peak 5 hours from base camp before turning back due to dangerous snow conditions, Percy with Tom Blankenstein and then Tim Lowes and Jon Naylor spent two days climbing the East then West summit of Jackoscire, unfortunately the main summit remained unclimbed due to the technical difficulties (but not for want of effort).  Closer to home 8 of the team honed ice climbing skills on a “local” ice fall before scrambling to 2 rocky summits over looking base camp.

Unfortunately time at base camp was cut short by a day due to a local festival but all are now back in La Paz and enjoying some hard earned R&R.


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