A final ditty from Team one….

After the challenging environment in the mountains, Team One headed for some well deserved R&R in Coroica, about four hours travel and over 2000m lower than La Paz.  Fourteen of the team took up the option of cycling down the world’s most dangerous road for 63 Km with spectacular drop-offs and amazing scenery.  All survived and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Sadly we did not all survive the local cuisine from the hotel in Coroica and many start the long road home with D or V, or a combination of both! The realities of travel……

For the record, Team One summiteers:

Patapatani (5450m) – 5 Jun.
Sarah Droog, Jo Laird, Rob McCormick, Callum McIntyre, Mary Wilson, Anne Gumbley, Morgan Long, Charlie Rowland, Adrian Mellor and Alastair Nicol

Chachacaomani (6100m) – 5 Jun.
Eddie Tomkins, Suzi Beavin, Dave Hall (Snr), Jenny Millar, Mark Howley and Will Buxton.

Patapatani – 7 Jun.
Eddie Tomkins, Dave Hall (Snr), Dave Hall (Jnr), Suzi Beavin, Mark Howley, Jenny Millar, Will Buxton, Brian Mushonga, Jim Watchorn, Bonnie Posset, Krissy Willoughby, Rob Norris and Simon Moore.

Other routes were identified but the avalanche risk was too high after the fresh snow so we wish the very best wishes to Team Two and hope they can summit the new peaks ‘for the team’.

Team One now start the long trip home from Coroica, via La Paz, Miami, Madrid to Heathrow – ETA T5 1405 on Fri 15 Jun.

Alastair Nicol

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