Team 2 in the hot seat and Team 1 head for R&R

11 June 12.  Due to the bad weather in the mountains Team 1’s climbing efforts came to a premature close. Having said that the team did achieve the ascent of Pata Patani via a new route with almost all team members and 6 team members summitted Chachacomani, a mountain of over 6000m with a long and involved ascent route. During the course of the time at base camp we also reconnoitred a new route across the glacier to Chachacomani and a site for an advanced base camp potentially leading to 3 unclimbed peaks at the head of the valley. All this was in addition to an involved research programme which fully involved all team members and was accomplished with a great team effort.

Team 1 at BC 8 Jun 2012

Team 1 at BC 8 Jun 2012

On 10th June team 1 trekked out of base camp in the snow crossing with team 2 at the road head as they arrived to complete their exercise research day. The research was carried out, initially as a whole team effort before team 2 overcame interference from the others and got on with doing it their way!

It was good to get everyone together and despite the general gossip (almost) getting in the way of the research to was great to see everyone in good spirits. The second team excited to be heading to the mountains and the first team (easily identified by looking thinner and more in need of a wash) excited to be heading back to La Paz for a beer, steak and shower.

A slight logistical problem has meant that I have had to get back to La Paz to ensure safe storage of the samples in a freezer here until they can be shipped home. Hopefully that’s now sorted and I can get back to the road head in time to link up with team 2 before they set out to base camp tomorrow morning.

So far so good and we are 80% through the research. Hopefully the weather will hold good to enable the last lot of samples to be collected at 5200m in sunshine and not in snow!!

I’d just like to use this opportunity to thank all the expedition members for their great efforts both with the research and with the climbing to have made the expedition such a success at the halfway point.

Adrian Mellor

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