Back in contact

7/8 Jun 12. Sorry for our time apart but we have been separated from the world by the Andes mountains.

During our time apart in true Military style we have celebrated the Diamond Jubilee with a typical mess dinner with all of the usual rigmarole, all but a bit more casual with bunting and flags with mess dress being duvet jackets and woolly hats. The dinner was a true success with everyone enjoying themselves and the Bolivians being included and having a great time too. Fines and toasts were made and in true Air force style, the port was passed airborne. Fines were made by an enthusiastic Air force PMC.

After the successful summiting of the 6100m peak Chachacomani and 5500m Patapatani on the 5th a well deserved rest day followed for the entire team. The first Welshman to summit Chachacomani was a young Eddy Tomkins with the first British team to follow.

With spirits low we commenced the next day with joyous fried pancakes and with the successful summiteers of Chachacomani now taking on Patapatani the remaining members were left to see what the weather had in store before returning to high camp for their summit of Chachacomani.

As the weather was poor a second plan was formulated with five intrepid travellers heading to new peaks exploring the valley floor and naming a new Valley ‘Jubilee valley’ – yet to be accepted by the locals! With spectacular views in Jubilee valley there were many new rocks to be claimed with Anthony’s rock being the prime photo location encompassing both a fantastic glacier and some
spectacular mountains. Returning to base camp following our trek to the news that the team was about to split with some people returning La Paz having completed all they wanted to achieve the rest are off to complete further challenges above.

Anthony Beynon

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