Arrived at High Camp

Research in the austere surroundings of the high camp at 5200m

Research in the austere surroundings of the high camp at 5200m

4 June 12.  After a gruelling 400m vertical climb up from Base Camp, we finally all arrived at the rocky outcrop that was known as High Camp. Despite the austere conditions, the research went smoothly in bright glacial sunshine. There was a slight intermission where power was briefly lost from the generator which was noted for our illustrious leader’s anguished face. Power and calm restored once more, more pressing matters were addressed like accommodation. Owing to little space and falling temperatures at 5200m, tents were packed to the max, meaning a cosy if somewhat cramped night’s sleep.

We celebrated another birthday, this time with sausages and garlic smash and tinned peaches for pudding. Birthday balloon inflation at altitude is challenging to say the least when your oxygen sats are a little low. Suzy Beaven had a birthday to remember.

The evening entertainment was provided by several of the team heading onto the Glacier for a scenic moonlit stroll. Plummeting temperatures saw most head for the comfort of their tents by early evening (19:00!).

This morning the happy campers left their tents for the final morning of research fuelled by porridge and amazing mountain views. The altitude had affected a few overnight – puffy eyes and headaches. Half of the team are off to tackle Chachacomani tomorrow with an early rise of 2am, the other half are off to attempt to summit Pata Patani.

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