Today we reached 4,000m. The day was completed with a tasty Guinea Pig for dinner!

27 May 12.  We left La Paz on a coach to Copacabana but were dropped off on the way at 4,000m. Our guide, Juan Carlos led us on a dusty track through amazing Bolivia scenery and at one point we were very close to the Peru border. Although the trek was only approximately 12 km we took it easy as it was difficult to breath at that altitude and the sun was extremely hot. There was a great photo taking opportunity at the top of the track with Lake Titicaca and Copacabana in the background. A few people were feeling the effects of the altitude but Jim the Team Doctor is doing a great job looking after the patients.

We arrived at Estelar Hotel and completed all the tests necessary for the research and then it was out to the local restaurant for our evening meal.

The steak is a sure bet in Bolivia but we also decided to order a another delicacy… Guinea Pig!!! The Guinea Pig is presented whole with a few potatoes thrown in on the side. I had a tasty leg with claws still attached (tastes like chicken!) and Will .B. threw down £100 if anyone would eat the head. Mike tried to make it sound more appetising by calling it ‘mangez la tète’ but needless to say no-one took him up on the offer.

Krissy Willoughby

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