The calm before the storm!

26 May 12.   At 0530 much to everyone’s relief the 25 members of team 1 arrived in the flight from Miami at La Paz,  Amazingly they had managed with no difficulty, to fly the additional four bags of research kit, including a freezer through 3 flights!   By the time we left the airport the sun was rapidly rising giving superb views out to two local 6000m mountains and down into town.   A pleasant and  relaxed morning was spent drinking coffee before the serious business of packing the kit required for the research days, the challenge being to have some spare equipment without having to create unnecessary transport problems.   Hopefully we now have equipment split into that required for each study altitude and can minimise the loads for porter and the waste generated.   During the day we began the daily data collection, recording oxygen saturations, blood pressure and other vital signs    All in all a very successful and enjoyable day.

Adrian Mellor

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